Thursday, March 5, 2015

'The Bachelor' Chris Soules' Women Tell All

Sorry for the delay in recapping the 'Women Tell All,' I have been distracted by 'The Girl on the Train,' which is a great read if you are looking for a good mystery. On Monday, the first 17 minutes was composed of 'surprising' viewing parties, commercials and a recap to get the women riled up.

Round One: Carly and Britt

Separately, Carly and Britt seem like good people; however, when mixed together the situation is a mess. 

Britt is beautiful that is undeniable. She and Chris had the strongest connection for 50 percent of the process. When someone is a clear frontrunner, it is difficult for the person who receives the rose and the other contestants. It sets up unrealistic expectations for everyone involved.

Was Britt falling for Chris? Britt and Chris had a strong connection. Would she have moved to Arlington? Even though I do not know Britt or Chris, it seems that it would have been extremely unlikely that their lives would have matched. Did Britt take advantage of every moment on 'The Bachelor?' Absolutely, even through the 'Women Tell All' I feel she was using the platform in her advantage. All of this does not make her a bad person, in the contrary, Britt seems like a good person. If she had been a pediatrician from Cheyenee, Wyoming, do I think Britt would have had as many issues? No, I don't, Britt living in Hollywood and being a waitress and actress worked against her. 

When Carly said she did not wish Britt 'ill will' it was cringe-worthy. Throughout the show, Carly provided comedic relief on numerous occasions. The scenes of her and Britt were intense. The other women may have felt threatened by Britt and Chris' connection, but not to that extreme. However, I am guessing (hoping) that Carly's ITMs were not in the direct context that we saw. 

I disagree that Britt would have ended up with Chris if it Carly did not say anything. Britt reacted differently toward Chris when she was not the center of his attention. If it had not been on the group date, at some point, he would have shown attention toward someone else and would have provoked the same situation. 

Winner: Hopefully, the audience if these two people end up on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Round Two: Kelsey vs. the World


Kelsey uses Chris Harrison's handkerchief, which was an incredibly awkward moment. All of the women still have a harsh relationship with Kelsey. I was hoping more than anything Kelsey would call 'editing' on the entire situation. To my surprise, she did not blame editing and that was terrifying. 


Winner: No one. 

Round Three: Ashley S. 

Ashley walks up to the hot seat in her Louboutin pumps and onion. Ashley S. was one of my favorite contestants to date. She that she was bored and wanted to explore. This is Ashley's world and we are just living in it. 

Winner: Ashley, us and everyone. Whether it was a Joaquin Phoenix act or her real personality, it was absolutely brilliant.

Round Four: 'Wild Mustang' Jade

While Britt may have been looked as the frontrunner, Jade was shy, reserved and the dark horse of the competition. She emerged half-way through when she was selected by the sisters, taken home to Arlington and then met his parents. Her small town Nebraska roots seemed the most compatible with his life and Arlington, except for the Playboy photos. 

Winner: Hugh 

Round Five: Kaitlyn 

Kaitlyn was easily my favorite contestant this season. Pretty, hilarious and unfiltered are how I would describe Kaitlyn. All too often on this show, we see people who are cookie cutter and who say what they think people want to hear. Kaitlyn broke the mold and was shamelessly herself, which was refreshing to watch. 

Winner: Kaitlyn, of course. 

Round Five: Chris vs. Everyone

In the first 30 seconds of Chris coming on stage, Britt reaffirmed why the majority of the women disliked her. 

Winner: Producers

There is only one way to respond to Britt going on stage immediately. 

Yeah, Britt.
Kaitlyn wants to know why and when, because she did not think she was done. After he told her he was falling in love with her, the audience did not either. During the entire night, Kaitlyn stayed out of all of the drama, which is a huge clue that she will be the next lead. At least I keep telling myself that, since I have been calling it since a few weeks into the show.

I agree, Kaitlyn.
Jade and Chris' chat was the most awkward of the night. If it had not been for the photos I would go as far to say, Jade would have been in the finale.

Round Six: Bloopers

While the bloopers were underwhelming, the dolphin laugh made up for it. 

Next week I will be tweeting with the West Coast, because I have a concert ticket. Also here is my reaction to Chris joining 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Pretty much.

What do you all think?


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