Monday, May 18, 2015

'The Bachelorette' Season 11: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson

Happy Bachelorette Monday, fans!

Last Wednesday I was participated in 'The Bachelorette' press call with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. First of all, they are both very excited to be on this season and found comfort in having a friend there.

This season is not going to be all rainbows, butterflies and friendship bracelets, because only one woman makes it beyond the first night. So who is the next Bachelorette? Is is Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson? We do not know yet, but will learn very soon. 

Since this is the first 'Bachelorette' season that there were two leads there were a lot of questions. We saw on the After the Final Rose that both women knew about each other, but did they know what would happen night one? 

"I mean, honestly, that night, everything was a surprise," Britt Nilsson said. "We didn’t know how it was going to work. "

Nilsson's friendships were strained with some of the women during 'The Bachelor.' Would this have affected her decision to do 'The Bachelorette?' 

"I would say yes, there are those people but I'm not going to name names," said Nilsson. "I think people can just infer who they think that might be, but Kaitlyn was a great choice, obviously."

Bristowe was hesistant about the two Bachelorettes in general, which made it a big decision to make on whether or not to do the show. 

"Yes," Kaitlyn Bristowe said.  "I mean,  I was kind of all over the map with how I felt about it."

Every season we see a clear frontrunner and the slow burn types of relationships. Therefore, I had to ask what is it better to be, the early frontrunner or slower relationship?

"That’s a good question," said Bristowe. "You know, I think slow and steady wins the race."

If Bristowe is the the choice, look out for the dark horse, because he may just win it all. One thing fans really want to know is, are both women happy how things ended up?

"I think it went the way it should," said Bristowe.

"Yes," said Nilsson. "I won’t go into detail but, yes, I'm very happy." 

I am excited for 'The Bachelorette' Season 11 to begin tonight. You can always follow me at @BachelorExpert for tweets during the show.


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