Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Bachelorette' Season 11 Episode 11 Recap: Final Rose Ceremony

'The Bachelorette' finale was one for the Bachelor Nation history books. This season has been a whirlwind of continuous change. Therefore, it was unclear of how the show would conclude. 

First, Kaitlyn Bristowe meets with her fabulous family. For the record, I do remember them from last season. Then she shares the surprise that Nick showed up and is still on the show. However, Nick goes from being the 'arrogant' person from the last 'The Bachelorette' to a family favorite over the course over a couple of hours. 

Then the Bristowe family got to meet Gosling look-a-like and one of my favorite contestants this season, Shawn Booth. He quickly changed the family's mind with his thoughtful gift giving and the choice to ask both family parents together for their blessing. It was clear that although the family liked Nick, that Shawn had the advantage by the end of the date.

After meeting the parents, the contestants have one final chance to win over the lead. Nick showed up dressed as if he only had access to a surf shop and brought his gift. Overall, the two have been cute and a nice match throughout the season. However, it is clear that no matter what Nick thinks that it is not that simple. 

Shawn's final date was confusing because of its level of awkwardness. It is unclear, if the editing was to throw of the fans or if it really was that uncomfortable. Either way, the date concluded with another thoughtful gift and a kiss. 

It was time for my second favorite guest after Amy Schumer, the famous Bachelor Nation ring angel, Neil Lane. Unfortunately, Nick's confidences was increased when Neil was at the door, not Kaitlyn. Neil's poker face is worth seeing, as if he had no idea that Nick was supposed to meet him last year. 

Although Kaitlyn appears conflicted and it has been the most different season in 'The Bachelorette' history, she still has to choose one man and the choice is not surprising. 

At the finale, Nick was clearly hurt as the majority of people with souls would be. It really had to feel awful getting to the finale again and not winning. For his sake and his family's hopefully he finds a nice girl in Chicago. I have no doubts he will have numerous girls waiting on him.

For Shawn and Kaitlyn, I would like to wish the best and a big congratulations. Check out the next post covering the After the Final Rose and an interview.

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