Friday, July 17, 2015

The Bachelorette' Season 11 Episode Nine Recap Part Two: 'Meet the Parents'

This season we only met two families and now I fully believe the more the merrier. Although to be honest, I cannot remember Nick's family last year. I do not know if I was distracted by the beautiful Murray family or the farm, but I am glad that we got the opportunity for round two. 

The date starts out with 21 Vialls and not counting all crying. I need a family tree breakdown to understand the dynamics here. We have one Viall who is younger than a tween, a hipster crew and more. When there is the difference in age of watching Bob the Builder to 90210 the original, they have to be divorced right? 

Any way after all of the tears, there was some happiness, more tears and then kissing. Nick's mother is convinced that Kaitlyn would not take him this far only to dump him. Has she ever watched the show? When it comes down to the end she can choose whoever she wants, but the other person can get everything from a respectful let down to a dinghy boat. If you come back I think you are more likely to be on the dinghy boat scale. 

Then we meet Shawn Booth's much smaller family. Kaitlyn looks extremely happy with him as well. I was wondering where his mother was, but I am guessing it has something to do with a divorce. His sisters were great and his father was much harder on him than most parents. Mr. Booth you know that you only have to grill the lead, right? 

Kaitlyn was extremely happy after the date, because why would she not be? The Gosling look-a-like has a wonderful family and no awful qualities prompting the other shoe to drop. It quickly goes from two great guys to the fact she cannot run off and have brother husbands. However, TLC may be in the market for a new TV show. 

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