Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Bachelor Season 20: Ben Higgins' Premiere

'The Bachelor' season 20 premiered last night and the show is officially back. Ben Higgins started his journey to find love with one of 28 women. As usual, the premiere was filled with shenanigans, drama and connections. 

The episode began with advice from Sean Lowe, Jason Mesnick and Chris Soules. Is this 'The Bachelor' version of two truths and a lie, because why is Chris Soules on the show giving tips?

After the former Bachelors gave advice, the show took us to Ben's hometown in Warsaw, Indiana, where we got an insight into his childhood and to hear from his parents.

All premieres have intro packages for certain contestants. It is essential to watch this part, because these contestants typically have an impact on the season in some way. Notice, you will almost never see a person who goes home on the first night on this part of the episode. There were numerous interesting moments in the intros from Caila breaking up with her boyfriend, to heartbreaking stories and my favorite moment was when Amanda matched her adorable daughters.

After the intros, it was time for one of my favorite parts of the entire season, the limo entrances. First out of the limo was Lauren B and the first person always make a strong impression. Lauren B did just that by combining her job and life into her gift for Ben. The wings were a clever choice without being cheesy. 

Caila is the girl who dumped her boyfriend to go on 'The Bachelor.' All things considering, she seems normal and her antic was for Ben to catch her. Luckily, he caught her or there would have been a hospital visit on night one. 

I am impressed with whoever taped Jubilee's dress to prevent her from having a wardrobe malfunction.

Samantha is excited to meet and allegedly just learned that she passed the bar before going on the show. If I was going to be a lawyer, I would make sure that I told 'The Bachelor' too.

I am a little confused about the football intro because Ben is from Indiana, so basketball would have been more fitting. 

Then Ben meets Amanda from Orange County, CA. She is a single mom with a Emily Maynard vibe. The fact she has two children is a lot of responsibility, but I think she will stay around for a while, because she seems like she stay calm during all of the drama. 

You know a man is interested when he does not care that he cannot understand the woman. 

A unicorn shows up, which is hysterical. If I was ever on the show I would do something like that. Whether Ben chooses her or not, she is the most likely to be my friend.

Twins... enough said.

I was unaware this was a BYOR (Bring Your Own Rose.)

Lace is one of the best things that has happened on a premiere in a long time. She kissed him without him even having a choice.

I was excited to see a Louisville girl.

The horse antic has already been done, so this was not that exciting, but I get it since she is a 'cowgirl.'

In theory, the onesie seemed like a good idea, but I have no idea why she did not change into a dress after.

Come on Breanne, do not hate the bread, hate the game.

They left the beautiful news anchor who quit her job for last. Lucky for her, last is great when it comes to this episode.

Unfortunately for the women, there were two additions to the house, Becca and Amber. Ben's reaction to Becca walking in had to be one of the most shocking moments for a lead on the first night. 

Last can be first when it comes to the first impression rose. 

Finally, after a lot of hours the other women get to know their fate. I only included the people below that were constantly showed throughout the night. 

The premiere was interesting because it focused on a lot of people. Although, last season was two Bachelorettes, Shawn was viewed as a front-runner on the first night. Throughout 'The Bachelor' premiere we saw Lauren B, Olivia, Becca, Amber, Lace, JoJo, Amanda, Caila, Mandi, Jubilee and Laura who went home. Honestly, it would be hard for me to name any of the others except a lot of them are named Lauren. The closest things to a frontrunner right now is Olivia, Becca or Lauren B. Becca is one of my absolute favorites, so I hope that viewers get to see more of her personality than last time. 

Overall, I am happy 'The Bachelor' is back and that you are going on this journey with me. Join me on Twitter @BachelorExpert to live tweet the show. Who is your favorite? 

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