Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"The Bachelor" Recap: Season 20 Episode Two

'The Bachelor' season 20 episode two started with a trip back to school. People think of "The Bachelor" as glamorous instead of focused on geography. The date was full of one-liners and entertainment. Luckily, one of my favorite contestants, JoJo got alone time on a rooftop. We have not got to see much of her yet, but the lead never just takes anyone up to a rooftop.

Olivia's facial expressions are already a highlight of this season, I can tell already. For someone who was previously on TV, she cannot keep her emotions and facial expressions under control. She thought she was getting the one-on-one because of the first impression rose, but she was wrong and her face conveys that.

Caila got the first one-on-one, who is known as the girl who broke up with her boyfriend to go on the show. There is no worse medical condition on this show than the first date syndrome. It is impossible for people who get the first date to watch others go on dates throughout the season and have to wait for their next turn.

Caila was normal and funny on her what celeb hot tub date. She has the bubbly personality that does well on this show. She should stay around for a while if she can avoid falling victim to the first date syndrome.

Time for the group date, which is also known as the Olivia show. This date found the attraction of contestants scientifically and of course Olivia won. However, the most embarrassing moment was that he thought Sam smelled sour.

Unfortunately, nothing exciting happened at the rose ceremony. We did get to see more of Amanda, though who is seems as if she will be a calming force this season. 

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