Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"The Bachelor" Recap: Season 20 Episode Six

"The Bachelor" takes the Bahamas by storm in episode six. Hurricane season was not the only disruption when it came down to hesitant contestants and 2-on-1 dates. The top five moments from episode six of "The Bachelor" are:

1.  Olivia gets a rose.
This season has done a great job at not giving us countless "to be continued" episodes. However, after the teen mom comment and Emily told Ben about Olivia, we got the dreaded TBC ending. The episode started back with Olivia not getting her rose revoked.

2. Olivia vs. Emily 2-on-1.

This 2-on-1 is what dreams are made of and why I completely think that Olivia did not get her rose taken away. In recent history, Olivia has had the most false confidence on the show. Yes, she made a first impression, but she had completely created this relationship in her head that did not exist. If she had not said the terrible things she did, this departure would have been way more brutal to watch.

3. Caila gets another one-on-one.

Fewer things on this show devastate contestants more than when a contestant gets a second one-on-one, before everyone gets one. This happens every season and of course early front-runner Caila got the date. The date was a good balance of fun and seriousness. For a moment, I thought Caila may have had Ben scared, when she was afraid that she would hurt him, but she recovered. She has the staying power to stay around a long time.

4. The Bahama Bay of Pigs

I have to admit the pigs got Grand Exuma axed when I was vacation planning. Half the women looked entertained and other half were distraught. Ben had to deal with a lot of unhappy people on this date.

5. Lauren H. goes home

I was sad to see Lauren go, but she looked beautiful and kept it classy. I am positive she will have guys lined up waiting on her.

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