Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"The Bachelor" Recap: Season 20 Episode Five

"The Bachelor" goes international when the Ben and his ladies go to Mexico city. As the feelings increase so does the tension and drama. The top five moments from episode five of "the Bachelor are:

1. Olivia calls Amanda a teen mom.

In the one of the most dramatic moments on this show in recent history, Olivia refers to Amanda as a teen mom. Amanda was with her daughters' dad, he cheater on her and she was not a teen when she had either child. The women were shocked and it showed a lot about Olivia's character or her lack of a filter.

2. Amanda gets a one-on-one and Ben shows up in the middle of the night.

Ben shows up to pick Amanda up early in morning. In the process he saw hair extensions on nightstands, retainers in mouths and grumpy women. Amanda woke up looking flawless, which is great considering it was her date. She got ready super fast and got into a limo in the dark and then the sun came up and they were ready to go in a hot air balloon. Ben and Amanda are cute together, there is just the children factor that may affect their relationship.

3. The women go to school again.

This is the second date this season where the women have to attend school. What does that mean? Although, this time it was not science and geography, the women had to learn and speak Spanish.

4. After a cooking date, only Jubilee gets burned.

Every season there is a person who ruins his or her chances at continuing on the show and this season that was Jubilee. If she would have been able to get out of her own head and decrease her defense mechanisms she would have made it much longer, but Ben sent her home.

5. Lauren H. walks the walk on her one-on-one date.

The adorable Kindergarten teacher gets her first one-on-one date and what is the activity? Nothing says teaching children like having to walk on a catwalk with models in Mexico. Luckily, Lauren H. gets over her fears and pulls it off.

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