Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"The Bachelor" Recap: Season 20 Episode Seven

"The Bachelor" takes the remaining six women back to his hometown in Warsaw, Indiana. The women seem to like Warsaw, unlike the pure shock of Arlington, Iowa on Chris Soules' season. A lot happens while in Indiana, from diners to a short trip to Chicago and McDonald's. The top five moments from episode seven of "The Bachelor" are:

1. Ben and Lauren's One-on-One Date.

Ben shows Lauren everything from his school to where he had his first kiss. As someone who is from a small town in Indiana, this truly depicts the experience. Ben takes Lauren to the Boys and Girls Club, where he worked for years and helped shaped him as a person. The children at the Boys and Girls Club were shocked when the Indiana Pacers walked in. Then the couple had a chance to talk about the drama in the Bahamas, but the night did not end there. Ben and Lauren ended the night at his favorite dive bar. 

2. Ben takes JoJo to Chicago.

Mr. and 'Mrs. Higgins' took on Chicago with a date to themselves at Wrigley Field. Ben was able to hang out at the venue of his favorite sport's team. JoJo is one of my favorite contestants and it was reassuring to see her and Ben open up to one another despite the fact she is scared of falling in love. She explains that she has always given love her biggest effort and it was not reciprocated. Ultimately, her fears are solely based on her past and this shows Ben that the doubts are not because of him. 

3. The most awkward group date.

Ben takes Caila, Amanda and Becca on a group date. They did outdoor activities from flying kites to boating. Ben ended up feeling the most secure with his and Amanda's relationship and gave her the rose. The other women were upset and Amanda got the rose. 

4. After the rose, Amanda got McDonald's and a Carnival.

Take it from someone who lived it, there is nothing more small town than McDonald's and a fair. They are just not usually focused on a couple. It was good to see Ben and Amanda have fun and not have to always talk about serious topics. 

5. The family meets Emily.

"The Bachelor" is full of awkward moments and there is a reason the lead's parents do not meet anyone until the final two. Emily is proof that the final six is too early to meet the parents, especially if the woman is not a right fit. Emily said things like she would be an 'above average' mom and wife. She mentioned she liked watching movies and hates vegetables. This date was hard to watch and got Emily sent home in front of the other women. 

Unfortunately at the end of this episode my girl Becca went home. She kept it classy through the entire process two times and that is impressive. 

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