Tuesday, June 21, 2016

'The Bachelorette' Episode Five Recap

JoJo and her remaining men arrive in Buenos Aires. Just when you think the drama left when Chad did, you learn that you are far from correct. 

First, let's start with my top five list from last week, Jordan, Robby, Chase and Luke. Let's see how these men scored in this episode.

1. Wells

Wells may be the strangest choice for number one. However, Wells has been one of my favorite contestants ever. He is cool, unusual for the show and I do not think there has been anyone like him. For someone who is extremely different than the typical contestant he got along with the guys well and JoJo. The men had given Wells a difficult time for not kissing JoJo. Sadly for Wells, the same day he finally got the nerve to kiss her, he also got dumped. I was yelling at my TV, no not Wells.

2. Chase

Chase got a date card for the second 2-on-1 date of the season with Derek. This was extra entertaining because Derek claimed that Chase was in a clique with Jordan and Alex. This tango date was awkward, because while Chase was unsure, Derek was positive he would get through. Lucky, for Chase, his lack of cockiness did not leave him disappointed.

3. Luke

Luke stays out of the controversy and all of his moments with JoJo get stronger. If slow and steady wins the raise, Luke may win his fellow Texan's heart.

4. Jordan

Jordan continues to stay in the top four or five, because this feels like the Jordan show no matter what. 

The Non-honorable Mention List: 

1. Derek

Derek was cocky and seemed to be the most overconfident first one-on-one date person there has been in a while.

2. James Taylor

James Taylor showed insecurity by throwing Jordan under the bus. You never, I repeat, never throw one of the favorites under the bus. Bad move, James, bad move.

He needs too much reassurance for a person who agreed to go on this show. 

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