Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'The Bachelorette' Episode Three Recap | Part One and Part Two

'The Bachelorette' Week Three was a two-day event, full of drama, dancing, sex talk and yoga. The awkwardness was at an all time high and I hope none of the men's families tuned in during these episodes. 

First, let's start with my top five list from last week, Wells, Jordan, James Taylor, Chase and Luke. Let's see how these men scored in this episode. 

1. Chase

There is always an intimate date too soon on this show and Chase was the lucky recipient this season. It was hysterical to watch them learn the poses and make the noises. JoJo comparing the noises to an exorcism is a first for the show. Overall, Chase handled the awkward yoga date like a champion. 

2. James Taylor

James and JoJo were genuinely happy on their date. It was a fun time, yet it did get to a serious place as well. James sharing his insecurities and self-doubt was a raw moment. JoJo reassured him, gave him a rose and then he played her a song. James and JoJo's relationship is sweet and nice to watch grow. 

3. Jordan 

Jordan was put in a win-win situation during these two episodes. It may have been unfair to give Grant a firefighter date, but giving Jordan a football date took it to the next level. He was the quarterback for both teams. You know the lead really likes someone when they will be going on the later portion of the date regardless. 

4. Luke  

Luke shared a lot about his past and is very smoothed when it comes to JoJo. He is on the list because of their connection. However, there is something about Luke that I am not a fan of and I cannot figure it out (Sorry Luke fans.) 

5. Alex

Alex was viewed as the hero for ultimately taking Chad down on the 2-on-1. He seems like a nice guy and he deserves to be on this list. 

The Non-honorable Mention List: 

1. Chad

Chad was anti-group date and did not want to tell a story about sex. This is the same guy who always has his shirt off while working out, yet he will not tell a story. He then got mad at Evan for calling him out and ripped his shirt. The grand finale for part one was when Chad tried to kiss JoJo and she denied him. 

In part two, the Chad drama went to the next level, which ended up with a body guard watching him and getting on a 2-on-1 date. At the end of the date Chad gets sent home, but will he leave? 

2. Daniel

Daniel's story about cutting a girl's hair after sleeping with her was creepy, which was just one more thing to add to the Chad bromance. 

3. Evan

Chad is obnoxious, but Evan is not much better. He did provoke Chad, but no one deserves to get their clothes ripped. 

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