Tuesday, July 12, 2016

'The Bachelorette' Episode Six Recap

When families are on the line there is a lot at stake. This episode was by far the best of the season. There was so much drama from a weird group date to Jordan's family drama and more. 

As we get closer to the finale it is difficult to keep a top list, so here is your episode recap.

Bachelorette and US hero, Alex got a one-on-one date. Even though Alex and JoJo has established a connection, it was not enough and Alex got sent home. We are all thankful for Alex's service in the military and doing the impossible and beating Chad. 

Jordan gets another one-on-one making him, the Oprah of one-on-one dates. This date goes from fun drinking at a vineyard to serious really quickly when JoJo asks who she would meet at his hometown. Jordan replied that his middle brother wouldn't be there, as if everyone would not know who that is. 

The most realistic of all date award goes to Robby, James and Chase. As a result of bad weather, the men had to watch TV and eat in a hotel room with JoJo. This date was low budget and entertaining. 

Luke got the final one-on-one of the season. He impressed JoJo with his shooting and riding skills. They seem to have a good time and Luke did not bother me as much this episode. Let's not forget the fact that they coordinated with each other. 

Who is your favorite? 

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