Tuesday, January 3, 2017

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall Premiere

The Bachelor premiere on Monday made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, so much that our neighbors probably hate us. I always forget how much more entertaining The Bachelor is compared to 'The Bachelorette.'

For the small chance that someone has been living under rock for the last three years, we get a refresher into Nick Viall, his lovely family and his inability to find love thus far. Then familiar faces show up, like in previous seasons to give advice.

Then it's time for the video packages. The women in these packages are typically mixed with who stays around and who goes home soon. They can't put all of the winners into the beginning or that would give it away. 

The top five things we learned from the video packages: 

1. Corinne has a nanny, if the show ended in that moment I would've still been happy.

2. Rachel is a successful and fun lawyer who has all of the staying power.

3. Raven was totally casted for Luke Pell, sorry Luke.

4. Vanessa is a beautiful girl who is a special needs teacher, do you really need to know anything else?

5. Danielle M. is sweet, has a great job and just happens to be close to where I got engaged in her video.

The video packages are the just the beginning, because we have a night full of limo entrances and a cocktail party. If you must know anything about this episode it's that almost everyone wore red, except for the shark who claimed to be a dolphin. Why didn't anyone tell my girl Rachel not to wear red?

First impressions: 

Rachel is super engaging, fun and successful, which means she will make it far.

Corinne is the most likely to not make friends, but come back on 'Bachelor in Paradise' with her nanny.

When Vanessa walked away, Nick said she was a keeper. In addition, he made sure that he spoke with her. Unfortunately, Corinne interrupted their one-on-one time.

Liz is the one night stand who keeps on giving. She had the chance to give him her number, but declined. Then after he went on Bachelor in Paradise and became The Bachelor, now she cares. She is lucky that she is part of the story line or she would have been gone immediately because I don't take Nick as a person who is good with being rejected off-screen.

Danielle M. was extremely nervous, but her hair was on point. Nick seemed to be into her, and she is on of my fiancĂ©'s favorites. 

I feel like Raven is going to be the Luke of this season, where I am not a fan, but really don't have a great reason as to why. For this, I am sorry already. 

Shark girl is very sure that she is a dolphin, but she is just a hammered (head) shark.

The camel and hot dog book shenanigans seemed next level weird, even for this show. 

After a long cocktail party, Corrine kissed Nick, but Rachel took the rose. 

I love that Rachel, Vanessa and that Danielle M got through night one. Other than those ladies, I am so excited to see Corrine on this show. I really want her to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Here is to hoping that she at least gets a hometown date. 

Those are the women I am rooting for, how about you? 

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Next week can't get here soon enough. All photo rights belong to Disney/ABC. 


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