Wednesday, February 8, 2017

'The Bachelor' Episode Six Recap

There isn't much to recap from this episode of The Bachelor. The top two moments were Kristina's date and Nick being sad for no reason.

1. Kristina told her story of growing up in Russia. It was truly heartbreaking to hear that her mother starved her, didn't care for her to stay and ultimately caused her to run away. Then Kristina was stuck in an orphanage before getting adopted by a family in America. It was really inspirational when she talked about how she could live her life in color in America. Kristina truly put everything in perspective and made me extra thankful.

2. Nick is sad about everything. This episode had more chain reaction tears than in a preschool. Everyone was sad and I was just over it at that point.

All photo rights belong to ABC/Disney. I can't wait until next week. 


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