Tuesday, February 21, 2017

'The Bachelor' Hometown Dates Recap

The Bachelor continues with a 'rose ceremony,' but not the kind viewers see normally. All of the women accept the roses, so we get to meet the families of Raven, Rachel, Corinne and Vanessa.


The date started out with Raven playing a joke on Nick. Raven's brother Weston is a cop and he acted like they were in trouble for climbing the grain bin. Then they went 4-wheeler riding and kissed in the muddy water. All I hope is that next week Raven doesn't get a brain eating amoeba.

After hanging out, they go to Raven's house and meet her parents. Raven quickly learns that her father is cancer free and I'm in tears at this point. It was a really sweet moment and I'm so happy for the Gates family. At the end, Raven shares her feelings, but doesn't say she loves him. Raven has grown on me the most of any contestant this season.


Nick tells us at the beginning of this date that they have the most chemistry. This is bizarre since we know he doesn't choose her. The date starts out at church, which gets Nick out of his comfort zone.

Nick and Rachel go to meet her mom, sisters, brother-in-law, nephew and cousin. The race issue is brought up very early on in the date. The Lindsay's explain how the current racial climate can make interracial relationships even more difficult. Throughout the date Rachel and Nick affirm that they like each other for who they are and how important this is to them.


The first stop on Corinne's hometown is at her happy place aka the mall. When trying on clothes Nick looks super uncomfortable. I'm curious if the $3,000 outfit was paid for by production or her dad. How did she get his Amex? Was it comped for advertising purposes?

Post-shopping Corinne takes Nick home to her family's high-rise condo. Corinne's family was surprisingly calm and cool. Raquel seemed to really love Corinne and vice versa. There wasn't any drama with this date. How did we make it to this date and didn't even get to see cheese pasta?


Vanessa takes Nick to meet her students. It is such a sweet moment to see Vanessa with her students. However, this makes me wonder how she could leave them.

After meeting Vanessa's students, it is time to meet her mom's side of the family. As with most front-runners there was a lot of doubt from Vanessa's family. Everyone was crying and Nick didn't think it went as expected. This further proves how difficult it may be for Vanessa to move to the US.

Things didn't get any easier on the last stop, which was Vanessa's dad house. It was a little awkward that there were only two people there. Nick talks to her dad and then asks for the blessing of her father. At first he said no, but luckily for Vanessa and Nick, her father changed his mind. She was shocked when her father said that he had asked the other families as well. That would suck if you heard that, especially from a family member.

At the end of the episode it showed Vanessa going to talk to Nick. However, someone else showed up, Andi. I'm guessing this was an easy payday in order to cause a little drama. I'm sure she will give some advice and leave.

Whose hometown date was your favorite?

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