Tuesday, March 7, 2017

'The Bachelor' Fantasy Suite Recap

The Bachelor is down to the final three, which means fantasy suite dates. In the last few years, the show has started to show the morning after and breakfast. However, this year it was taken to the next level. I have so many thoughts on these dates.


This date was bizarre--she spoke about very personal things, even for this show. I think the alcohol had a lot to do with her unfiltered honestly. When it comes down to it, Nick and Raven have a solid relationship. They get along really well, especially considering I'm pretty sure she was casted for Luke. 


If I didn't know in advance thanks to ABC, I would've put money on Rachel winning the entire show. They seem the most compatible and by far have the most chemistry. Rachel even opened up to Nick and expressed her feelings. He seemed to reciprocate more than the other relationships. I was shocked when she was sent home at the end of the episode. It made me think that something had to happen for her to go home. 


If Vanessa and Nick end up together, they will have the most challenges. All relationships are challenging and rightfully so, but this one has issues while they are still in a fantasy world. If they don't want to move and compromise this relationship is doomed. I give them credit though for having the least romantic dates and still finding the positives. 

At the end of the episode, Rachel's anticipated departure finally occurred. Rachel seemed devastated to leave Raven and even gave her a note. Some obvious shade was thrown between Rachel and Vanessa. That side hug was majorly awkward and there has to be more to this situation. 

Who do you think Nick will choose? 

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