Thursday, March 9, 2017

'The Bachelor' Women Tell All Recap

The Bachelor: Women Tell All fulfilled its role of only telling the audience things we already know. Mostly it was the Corinne show, which was representative of this entire season.

The three most notable moments of the Women Tell All:

1. Corinne unsurprisingly didn't apologize, even though Taylor really wanted this to happen. I'm completely a Corrine fan. Her love for napping, sushi and champagne is second to none. In her material world, she still seems real and unapologetic. I was entertained and am so excited that she will be joining Bachelor in Paradise.

2. It was surprising that Kristina wasn't over the situation. She was by far the most upset on the reunion show. I hope she gets over it and finds someone off the show. Don't go on Bachelor in Paradise you can do better. 

3. Sometimes it's shocking who talks just to try to get on Bachelor in Paradise and who doesn't get airtime. I didn't remember some of the people who dominated the conversation, but thought that Danielle M would get to talk. I don't know how she told such a heartbreaking story on the show, but there was no follow up aired. Is she going to go on BIP or is she happy? What if we never find out? 

The show concluded with the shortest blooper reel. Luckily, Rachel was brought out and all of the women seemed excited for her to be The Bachelorette.


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